Exchange ShapeShift falls into the dispute BTC / BCH because of partnership with the purse

The popular ShapeShift exchanger was involved in discussions about cooperation with the purse Bitcoin.Com, which exchanges BTC for BCH. ShapeShift said that through tweets, there was a misunderstanding about her latest application for a partnership with the BitcoinCom purse. ShapeShift supports its offer to provide its integration services for the API for the wallet, but also supports its position to refer to Bitcoin as Bitcoin, not Bitcoin Core.

Many criticize's marketing practices with respect to BCH.

A couple of days ago, ShapeShift announced that it has integrated its full API to support the exchange of users of the wallet between BTC and BCH and vice versa. They noted that the wallet application was available in the middle of 2017 and more than 1,7 million wallets were created on the platform. Integration ShapeShift extends the possibilities, allowing users of the wallet to exchange BTC for BCH. Position, which provides a free wallet, states on its website that the Bitcoin Core network is in trouble because of high fees and slow transactions, and that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is an update that solves these problems and provides a guide for people to help learn more about Bitcoin Cash. The website clearly states that it supports both BTC and BCH.

Roger Ver, who owns, applauded ShapeShift, who made the exchange between BTC and BCH simple. Ver states that BCH is the same Bitcoin that was used with 2009 for 2017 year, and that it will ultimately surpass BTC in popularity and market capitalization. He was heavily criticized for the repeated support of the hardcuts associated with the problem of block size.

The BTC / BCH debate continues

Bitcoin Cash was created as a result of the hard-core in Blockchain Bitcoin 1 2017 August XNUMX. Since then there has been some disagreement as to whether the BTC or BCH is the original Blockchain.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently published a draft technology primer with Blockchain, which states that BCH is the original Blockchain, which immediately aroused criticism.

Some argue that the original Blockchain Bitcoin deviated from Satoshi's original vision for Bitcoin. Others, however, argue that the BCH was created under the 1 August hardfire and therefore is not the original Blockchain chain.

Author: Yevgeny Yakubenko, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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