Ether Added To Goldmoney's Cold Storage Vault

Precious metal financial services company Goldmoney has added vaulted ether as secure and fully-reserved offline investable assets ‎within Goldmoney Holding, an online account that enables clients to invest in precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Eligible Goldmoney Holding owners will now be able to directly purchase anti-money laundering (AML) compliant ethereum and sell their ethereum holdings back to Goldmoney in the same way they buy or sell bitcoin and precious metals.

The company said it leverages its own expertise in precious ‎metals custody to deliver a security solution to cryptocurrencies. ‎‎“Securely stored in cold storage, client cryptocurrency holdings are ‎password protected and shielded from being used in hot wallets or ‎blockchain-based third-party transfers,” it noted.‎

For over 15 years, the company has been offering precious metal investment ‎services and payment networks. It is currently safeguarding nearly $2 billion in assets for clients located in more than 150 countries. But as the market for blockchain assets continues to grow, Goldmoney decided to develop a secure and financially transparent vaulted cold storage for custody of blockchain assets.

In addition to ethhereum, clients can also buy and sell bitcoin, which was first rolled out in September 2017. Bitcoin Cash will be added in the coming weeks, and additional leading cryptocurrencies will be added to the platform over time.

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