Cryptoenter To Debut LION Token Through New Expansion Offering

The cryptocurrency market is growing aggressively, faster than investors can keep up. Terms like ICOs (initial coin offerings) that were commonplace just two years ago have now been eclipsed by newer ones that put a spotlight on real-world value.

Projects from the past that were born out of greed have given way to the future of finance funded by the likes of IBM – one of the most globally recognized technology brands, powering nearly every major industry – even the banking sector.

 Today, new trends and their related terms like DeFi (decentralized finance), IEOs (initial exchange offerings, STOs (security token offerings), and the new MEO (market expansion offering) are dominating the cryptocurrency industry and creating next-generation ecosystems with enormous potential.

One such project coming soon through the world’s first market expansion offering is the LION token created by crypto innovator Cryptoenter. It could well be the most disruptive and significant of the bunch. Here are all the reasons why.

 All About Cryptoenter And Why It Will Soon Replace Ripple

Developed by Smart Block Laboratory, Cryptoenter is a blockchain-based digital banking infrastructure. It enables a wide array of Defi and traditional finance features to function securely on the blockchain.

Cryptoenter connects users from different banks in a massive decentralized marketplace and offers services that both business customers and individuals can take advantage of.

Benefits of the Cryptoenter platform include peer-to-peer loans, crowdfunding, and early adopter investing, a multicurrency wallet and interface, real-time payments, issuance of stablecoins, issuance of bonus or rewards cards, and much more. 

And because Cryptonenter’s users are already clients of banks, this negates the need for mandatory KYC procedures, in turn, making finance more inclusive for all.

Cryptoenter is also the first DeFi project in the IBM Marketplace. Nearly 99% of all banks worldwide utilize IBM’s technology, enabling Cryptoenter to become the easiest solution for traditional banking to bootstrap onto the blockchain in the future. Rather than developing their own multi-million dollar solution, banks will rely on Cryptoenter instead.  

Cryptoenter and the LION token are essentially a new-age Ripple and XRP, but better. Thanks to the backing of IBM, who granted the developer $120,000 under the IBM Startup Program.

Cryptoenter is an IBM Silver Partner, Hyperledger General Member, Linux Foundation Silver Member, and has formed partners with top banks throughout the world, including Russia.

Access The Digital Banking Evolution Through LION Token Market Expansion Offering

To access the upcoming digital banking revolution, users will require pre-paid access via a market expansion offering (MEO) of LION tokens. The capital raised through the ERC20-based LION tokens will be used for scaling and marketing of the project but also act as the central token to the digital banking experience. 

The MEO token sale is going on now. The earlier users participate, the larger will be the reward. To learn more, check out the Cryptoenter whitepaper.

Join the DeFi Revolution now!

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