ContentBox (BOX) Trades Exclusively on Huobi Pro to Empower the Digital Content Industry

The digital content industry—from streaming video to on-demand audio—has long needed a savior. What was once an exciting frontier filled with new opportunities for independent creators has become a top-heavy industry that’s no different from traditional incumbents like major cable networks, with a majority of the revenue and attention split between a few major content platforms and the top 20 percent of creators.

The average creator has nowhere left to turn as digital content platforms like YouTube tighten their monetization guidelines in favor of well-established creators who have become this generation’s celebrities. The lines of content ownership have become blurred, middlemen are siphoning a larger share of the revenue being generated, and creators are struggling to monetize the work they dedicate themselves to every day.

That’s where ContentBox comes in. Created by Castbox, an award-winning podcast app with 18 million users worldwide, ContentBox aims to decentralize the digital content industry with the help of blockchain technology.

ContentBox was created out of a need for more transparency and accountability in the content industry and comes at a critical juncture for digital media as major platforms gain more control over the way content is distributed and monetized, making it increasingly difficult for independent creators to build a following and earn a living.

The ContentBox digital content chain includes a unified payout system, a shared content pool, and a shared user pool, all of which are designed to address the biggest pain points in the digital content industry: creator monetization, user incentives, and content ownership. The core functionalities of ContentBox include BOX Payout, a borderless and secure payment transaction network, BOX Passport, a cross-platform identity and attribution gateway, and BOX Unpack, a turn-key content management solution for publishers.

As ContentBox builds is a digital content chain, BOX is the core incentive that rewards users and creators for their contributions to the community, starting with the Castbox community. ContentBox enables Castbox’s community of 18 million users to earn BOX for inviting friends, sharing content, listening to podcasts, commenting on episodes, upvoting shows, and more. BOX can be used to reward creators through donations, unlock bonus content, and purchase premium subscriptions.

In the near future, ContentBox will also enable publishers to more efficiently distribute and monetize content, reduce transaction fees, automate payments with smart contracts, and give users new ways to engage with their favorite creators.

To empower the growth of a truly fair and decentralized digital content community and provide continued liquidity for creators, consumers, and investors, ContentBox listed its base asset BOX exclusively on leading global digital asset exchange Huobi Pro last week. The listing marks a major milestone for ContentBox and signals a strong vote in confidence in the project, as only .0001% of the 287,000+ crypto projects make it onto Huobi Pro.

BOX is available for trading on Huobi Pro and there are currently 750 million BOX tokens in circulation out of a total supply of 3 billion BOX.

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