A coin that gives voice to all its users – Magnet

A crypto-currency based on both community-oriented and network scalability, Magnet, is introduced in the market. With a decentralized network and paying attention to community directives, Magnet is bringing the best of both worlds in cryptocurrency with the help of masternodes.

During the first year, Magnet will be focusing on Magnet Wallet and prioritize user experience by designing a wallet that is comprehensive of all the features.

This token is based on green mining, transparency, accessibility, strong community focus and fairness. Magnet network has been built to utilize the full power of blockchain technology. It has been created so that all the users can be rewarded for their effort. Magnet has even introduced Universal Voting System as they want to give voice to all the users engaged in the crypto-world. Other coins based on masternode have allowed the owners to vote on consensus issues but Magnet is taking a step further and allowing all the users to talk about it. This feature will happen only if the popular vote has won.

The Plan:

Magnet Roadmap

Magnet even believes that masternode is a long-term investment, and will be providing them all the necessary tools and first-class wallet features to get most out of their investment on the Magnet network. Magnet applies a scheme based on Proof of Stake and Proof of Word that enables the mining process to remain energy efficient. Magnet is also building tools to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone and to increase the reach from both merchants and end-user perspectives.

The last stage of the initial wallet and masternode design will lead to the opening of the Magnet Wallet with attributes that will make Magnetwork a prospect for other developers with appropriate coding and testing to maintain maximum network security.

Samuel Humphrey, an investor and advisor of cryptocurrency says,

“Although I stay away from ICOs and blockchain in general, Magnet is an unique idea and it’s quite wonderful how they want to provide a platform for users to talk. It has good potential and a good tech backing.”

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