Charlie Lee warns about fraud Litecoin Cash

"Be careful!" – this is the statement made by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee in his Twitter account about the launch of Litecoin Cash, which is expected in the next weekend. The whole time the project is heard, Charlie Lee calls him fraudulent and asks his subscribers not to succumb to this fraud.

His harsh comments became a surprise for the developers of the project, since they do not consider Litecoin as a competitor to Litecoin Cash. At the moment, the influx of customers leads to the fact that the price of Litecoin reaches significant highs, in part because because of the mechanics of hardcore, any user who owns Litecoin during the hard-core will immediately receive a portion of Litecoin Cash.

Litecoin Cash does not have a similar Bitcoin Cash history or significant traction leading it to a hard-core. Thus, followers of Litecoin, such as Charlie Lee, doubt that Litecoin Cash serves the same purpose as Bitcoin Cash.

Litecoin Cash also made no demands, but Lee worries that although Litecoin Cash does not claim to be associated with Litecoin, the name still confuses users.

Li said:

"This leads people to the false thoughts that Litecoin is splitting. The community of Litecoin is not interested in schism. Just some people are trying to make money fast. And the word Litecoin in the title gives them some legitimacy. "

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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