Central Bank of Malaysia has chosen a wait-and-see attitude towards the Crypto-currency

The head of the central bank of Malaysia firmly stated that the fate of the crypto currency in the country depends on who takes them, adding that the state itself does not accept, but does not prohibit crypto currency.

Speaking at the fortieth anniversary dinner at the Graduate Club of the Harvard Business School, Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia Negara Muhammad Ibrahim said some noteworthy things about the future of the Crypto-currency, the portal The Nation reports.

The governor said that the authorities do not recognize crypto-currencies as cash, while its addition will not prohibit the crypto currency in the country.

The head of the central bank also made public the forthcoming conceptual document for the public about crypto-currencies, apparently, this report is needed to tell the residents about the crypto-currency.

The central bank of Malaysia is already working on a regulatory framework that will study the exchange of crypto-currencies to suppress criminal and illegal activities through crypto currency.

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