BitStation: a Killer DApp For Crypto Social Investing Communities 

BitStation going to be the tool that crypto-communities have been wishing for in this fast-changing blockchain era and crowded cryptocurrency jungles.

After Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, many more virtual coins have been issued. Within the past few years, the market cap of digital currencies has passed the $500 billion mark. The digital money market behaves increasingly like that of currency exchange markets.

Until now, research statistics indicate that there are about 4-5 million crypto investors in China alone and about 300,000 of them are active traders. Nowadays, all they can rely on to trade is nothing more than a piece of news here and there and some primitive trading tools circulating among communities.

BitStation team recognizes the huge market potential and invested their resources and converted their trading system from Forex into crypto market and the trading arm is operating in

The BitStation team is a combination of Wall Street program trading technologists, foreign currency specialists and Silicon Valley business elites. Two years ago, BitStation team decided to put their years of technical developments and know-how accumulated in forex foreign currency trading to serve the cryptocurrency world.

With 16+ of years of R&D and 10+ millions invested USD already serving Wall Street financial world, the BitStation team feel they have at least the following competitive advantages bringing their technologies and solution into the crypto communities:

The earliest production-ready cryptocurrency trading platform

  • The full-featured functioning toolsets to accommodate most trader’s
  • Trading industry know-how for community-social-investing to support most
  • Community-trade needs and behaviors, such as copy trading, smart order routing etc.

Henry Rogers, a portfolio manager at Boston Nugg Financials says,

“The industry needs experienced hands to guide the early bird investors and Bitstation seems like they can deliver results. I am generally wary of ideas like this but this is different”

The project aims to be the best trading platform in the digital world and the go-to place for social investing.

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