Bitpay updated the rules, now you can not do much

Crypto-exchange has banned transactions for services of censored content, cloud mining and gambling.

Bitcoin was originally created to free people and their finances from the control and censorship of regulatory bodies, banks and governments, but now companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem are striving to become more popular and adopt more widespread standards in the business world, laments

As part of the trend, crypto-exchange BitPay updated the rules and now it is forbidden to make payments for services of censored content, in particular, explicitly sexual, cloud mining and gambling.

What to do now at the BitPay exchange?

In addition to this, Bitpay prohibits the following types of activities:

sale of drugs, research chemicals or any controlled substances; selling items that violate any intellectual property rights; sale of ammunition, firearms, explosives (including fireworks); carry out transactions showing personal information of third parties; carry out transactions that support the pyramid, Ponzi, or other "fast" schemes; transactions related to loans or debt settlement services and so on.

Bitpay sent out a notice requesting that the exchange services be abandoned to partners who make explicit sexual contact under the threat of disabling the account, emphasizes.

The publication assumes that BitPay is looking for websites that do not comply with the terms and conditions and terminate their relationship with them.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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