BitLaunch: Reliable Privacy-Focused Bitcoin VPS Services At Hourly Rates

For avid crypto users looking to take their privacy to the next level, BitLaunch is offering private VPS services at competitive hourly rates. To uphold their privacy and protection, users can pay for them with Bitcoin.

Here’s all there is to know about BitLaunch’s unique Bitcoin VPS services and why every crypto investor who wants to take the cypherpunk-privacy movement to the next level should consider signing up.

Cryptocurrencies And Bitcoin VPS Services From BitLaunch Take Privacy To The Next Level

Even in today’s modern, digital world, governments pose restrictions on what citizens choose to do with their time, money, or internet browsing behaviors. The door to the vast online world also is a window for government entities to peek into our daily activities. The emergence of platforms like Facebook and others that monetize user data has made privacy and personal security even more critical. 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the first significant effort to take back control over money and provide users with an unrivaled layer of privacy and security. But some governments aren’t happy about this, and either seek to put an end to crypto usage or invade privacy of users in one way or another. Some block basic rights to privacy, while others prevent citizens from relying on services such as VPNs that can offer a crucial layer of anonymity.

But even VPN services and the traditional ways to pay for them have multiple points of failure. First and foremost, payment methods other than crypto can be knocked out due to their centralized nature. They also leave a paper trail back to credit or debit cards used to purchase the VPN service, eliminating any privacy gained in the process.

However there is one solution. BitLaunch’s self-hosted Bitcoin VPS services, that can be paid for with over ten cryptocurrencies. With an anonymous transaction left behind to pay for a self-hosted service, users can get around even government restrictions through the power of cryptocurrencies.

Affordable Hourly Crypto Payments Keep Blogs And Internet Activity Anonymous

BitLaunch offers a command-line tool for coding, a developer API, and live human customer service to assist with any setup or upkeep needs. Only an email is required, and an anonymous crypto payment needed to get started, further helping to keep details private.

An hourly payment system keeps pricing reasonable, starting at $0.015/hour for a 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD with 1,000 GB transfer setup. Users can deploy everything from OpenVPN to WireGuard and WordPress with just a click, and protect the installation with a 500 gigabit-per-second reverse proxy server and firewall to prevent from DDoS attacks, and much more. 

Besides offering KVM virtual machines through its own servers, BitLaunch also lets users pay for standard VMs from Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode. 

Whether you are looking to launch a private and secure WordPress blog or run a self-hosted VPN, BitLaunch’s Bitcoin VPS services are affordable and can offer the anonymity that you as a crypto user prefer.

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