Bitget announces vice president of Taiwan business, the former head of Uber sales

Bitget, a derivatives trading exchange, announced today that Borg Lai, the former head of Uber Taiwan’s sales, has officially joined the Bitget globalization team as Bitget’s vice president of business in Taiwan. It is known that Borg will focus on Bitget’s globalization strategy and user services in the future, and will be responsible for the business cooperation and expansion of Bitget in Taiwan.

Borg Lai graduated from National Chengchi University in Taiwan with an MBA degree. He has more than 6 years of service experience in the field of Internet finance and travel sales and has served as the head of Uber Taiwan sales, who had led the Uber team to success. Bitget CEO Sandra tweeted: “Borg’s years of experience in user service fits well with the corporate culture of Bitget. His rich practical experience in business will help us better develop the market in Taiwan.”

As we all know, Taiwan is an area where crypto trading users are very active. The joining of Borg Lai will hopefully help Bitget to penetrate these areas better. As a local Taiwanese, Borg Lai will also lead the local team to help Bitget fully enter the Taiwan market. Borg said: “Bitget is an excellent company. We both dig in finance. I’m honored to have the opportunity to experience this moment together with Bitget. We hope that we can bring more surprises to users with my experience.”

It is reported that at the beginning of last year, Bitget started globalization, which has now been extended to 43 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, and Turkey. Since November last year, in less than 4 months, Bitget has become the most popular derivatives exchange in Korea. In addition to excellent products, it also reflects the efficiency of the Bitget team.

Compared with similar exchanges, Bitget One click to Copy Trade which is released last year is very popular among users and has attracted more than 5,000 elite traders. This product is mainly for contract novices and beginners. After selecting a trader, the user can follow the trader to realize the opening/closing behavior of the synchronous trader, without having to watch the market all the time, and can easily make a profit. At present, Bitget is already one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency contract copy trade exchange.

As a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, Bitget not only supports USDT margined contracts and coin margined contract but will also launch Quanto Swap Contract in early April. Quanto Swap Contract is a brand-new contract transaction method launched by Bitget, which can support multiple kinds of currencies as margin for transactions. The operation is very simple, the currency exchange process is eliminated during the transaction, and there is no need to pay additional currency exchange fees and bear exchange rate losses.

It is known that Bitget was founded in 2018. Bitget’s trading volume ranks among the top five global derivatives exchanges on CoinMarketCap which is a well-known crypto listing platform, with an average daily trading volume of US$5 billion. In July last year, Bitget completed a $10 million Series B financing led by SNK, a top international game company, and is currently valued at $1 billion.

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