Bitcoin Revolution Review: Scam or Legit?

One of the fastest-growing segments in today’s financial world is the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. From its early obscure beginnings to it becoming so explosive that the mere mention of it goes viral within minutes, cryptocurrency is certainly a force that can no longer be ignored by traders. The market is huge, and the opportunities to make money from trading activities are endless. The only real question is how. 

Auto trading platforms have answered that question, or rather the call of duty for an accessible entry point to the market. These are hailed as one of the simplest ways to maximize the profit-making potential of trading cryptocurrency. In fact, market experts often refer to the auto trading platforms as “game-changers” in how cryptocurrency rose from the obscure to the explosive. 

It’s fact that the cryptocurrency market has and can make both novice and experienced traders alike loads of money, with some even reaching millions to billions in profit. One of the keys to this success is in auto trading robots. However, as with any portal for trading, traders must do their due diligence in vetting the performance, reputation, and authority of any auto trading platform they’re considering using if they want to reach their expectations on returns. 

That’s where reviews like this one become invaluable assets to cryptocurrency traders looking for trustworthy platforms with a proven performance record and meaningful offerings. We’ve dug deep to reveal how auto trading platform Bitcoin revolution fares. 

What Is the Bitcoin revolution? 

Bitcoin revolution has become a very popular cryptocurrency trading platform that’s often asserted as one of the best trading robots on the market. It’s claim to fame is that it can offer all users the potential to earn as much as $1,500 per day. 

While most seasoned traders likely view $1,500 as a modest and very achievable goal, the circumstances are the devil in the details that truly tip the scale for most crypto traders. It’s all about having the right circumstances, or environment, and understanding the supposition and principles within it. 

In years past, the concepts around cryptocurrency were as obscure as the entity itself. Extensive training and research were a must to successfully navigate trading in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin revolution has removed that knowledge caveat by simplifying the process to a level that anyone, experienced and novice alike, can utilize without having specialized training specifically in cryptocurrency. 

How Does Bitcoin revolution Work? 

The basic premise of Bitcoin revolution is becoming an account holder and activating that account with a deposit. Trading robots then take over to strategically use the deposit to make automatic trades, which occur without the user’s intervention. 

This premise makes trading accessible to everyone and anyone without success hinging on their own knowledge or expertise in cryptocurrency. That unfettered access, after all, was the underlying philosophical belief system from which cryptocurrency emerged into the giant it is today. Unlike many others, the Bitcoin revolution has stayed true to it and has even supplemented it with a winning strategy to investing successfully. 

Reviews from active users support the Bitcoin revolution’s popular reputation. The majority of testimonials and reviews claim they’ve used the auto trading system easily and with good to great returns. Common praise from active users is about the trading experience itself, with most applauding the auto trading robot’s design as one that offers a seamless trading experience. Such attributes are handy for anyone, but it’s particularly useful to traders wanting a passive income stream via automated trading solutions. 

It’s important to remember that even automated cryptocurrency trading, whereby the user isn’t actively navigating trades, still builds the user’s cryptocurrency investment portfolio. 

Bitcoin revolution: Legit Platform Or Scam? 

The concern about cryptocurrency robot scams is a legitimate factor in selecting a crypto trading platform, and it’s all the more reason traders should do their due diligence before investing real money with any trading entity. 

By all signals, we have found that Bitcoin revolution appears to be a legitimate trading solution platform without any red flags. It’s history exhibits evidence that it is capable of generating profits for its users via automated market analysis and highly accurate trade order execution. 

This track record extends over the course of six years. As a company that first launched in 2013, Bitcoin revolution’s longevity in the cryptocurrency marketplace supports its legitimacy as a reliable and trustworthy platform to enable traders in automated cryptocurrency trading. Thanks to the connectivity of the internet, most scam robots are short-lived due to the rapid reputation they accumulate from victims warning others online. 

Bitcoin revolution founders have also established the transparency of their operations with a comprehensive website, which goes to great lengths ensuring that users understand cryptocurrency trading processes, risks, expectations, and so forth. 

It also appears that the founders have taken measures to ensure representatives are always accessible to users. Queries are promptly addressed with friendly, knowledgeable, and detailed responses. 

The above attributes further signal that Bitcoin revolution is a legitimate and reliable trading platform focused on enabling users to earn within an interactive and transparent environment. 

With accuracy levels up to 99.5 percent, Bitcoin revolution’s trading robots are impressive. But, accuracy doesn’t negate the need for security, right? 

A big concern in the consumer online trading world is the security of the user’s information. It’s a valid concern that the Bitcoin revolution appears to take very seriously. They’ve committed to using the industry’s best standards and practices in securing all information on their platform. This includes using servers with leading encryption protocols for the storage of all user data. 

Four Key Bitcoin revolution Attributes 

Through our own experience and accumulating user data from reviews and testimonials, we’ve identified the four most advantageous attributes of Bitcoin revolution for new users: 

Bitcoin revolution Overview 

So far, readers have learned that Bitcoin revolution is an automated platform to trade cryptocurrencies. To open a new account, you’ll need to register as a Bitcoin revolution user and make a deposit into your account. As a funded account owner, you can now activate the automated trading robot in order to start making profits. 

The minimum deposit at Bitcoin revolution is $250. The maximum deposit is $15,000. In our experience, both of these limits are on-par with other legitimate trading robot platforms. 

Users must also select the duration for each trading session. The odds of return on each session are amongst the highest in the industry considering Bitcoin revolution robots have up to a 99.5 percent accuracy level. 

The usability of Bitcoin revolution’s platform is also a trendsetter in the industry. The features are simple in design but still comprehensive in function. Users find value without being overwhelmed by a platform that’s too busy to be useful. 

The Bitcoin revolution website is categorized into sections to help traders be successful in their endeavors. Users will find a plethora of information on everything from expert opinion and tips and news on crypto trends to technical explanations and definitions. Unlike other platforms that charge membership or upgrade account fees for such resources, the Bitcoin revolution keeps it all free for all its users. 

This dedication to a user-friendly platform and access to free resourceful information are yet two more factors in our confidence that the Bitcoin revolution is a legitimate platform. 

How Does Bitcoin revolution Perform on Trades

Our trading experience was glitch-free and smooth from start to finish. We were able to buy and sell on the auto trade system with auto trading robots using our deposit to conduct buying and selling transactions on our behalf. The robots evaluated the market to select the best trades for our profitability. Yet, as the account holder, we remained in constant control of our deposited funds and session parameters. 

The 99.5 percent accuracy level is based on the buying and selling actions of the robots, which is controlled via an elaborate algorithm. This gives traders the confidence that they’ll obtain the best trade results without their own need to continually intervene. 

Of course, a large part of this conference also comes from knowing that Bitcoin revolution representatives are available to quickly, knowledgeably, and thoroughly address any user queries. We never got a one-line, scripted response during any of our communications with representatives. 

Accurate robots, fantastic customer service, and transparent operations combine with Bitcoin revolution’s state of the art platform to offer the total automated cryptocurrency trading package. Something that competing sites don’t want you to know is that the Bitcoin revolution’s platform is capable of lightning-fast transactions, which gives it an edge over manual trading and less superior robots. 

How Can You Open A Bitcoin revolution User Account? 

Opening an account is straightforward and quick. Users aren’t asked for excess personal info, made to fill out checklist sheets, or asked to explain their finances. 

Once the registration form is downloaded, you’ll simply input your name, phone number, email address, and select a user name. Activated accounts are then prompted to complete the regulatory obligations by confirming their country of residence. Users are now granted access to the Bitcoin revolution trading platform. 

Once you have access to the trading platform, you have several actions available to you, including: 

1. Setup Your New Account 

You’ll create a password for your account. Now, you have access to securely sign in and out of your account and access exclusive features. You can either proceed to a demo or deposit funds for live trading. 

2. Deposit funds into your account. 

The first step to live trading is depositing funds. Remember, users can deposit anywhere from $250-$15,000. The amount deposited should reflect the user’s comfort in loss potential as much as expectations in earning potential. The platform supports an array of payment options, including MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. 

3. You have the option to use the demo feature. 

If you’re not quite ready to jump into live trading with real money, Bitcoin revolution offers a very helpful ‘play money’ demo that mirrors the live market. It’s like a risk-free trial run to familiarize yourself with the cryptocurrency trading track before putting your deposit in the live market. 

4. Start making live trades. 

When you’re ready, you’ll turn on the automated trading feature and set your session limits to allow the robots to buy and sell on your behalf. Profitability hinges on the operation of the live trading feature, and the stop-loss limit caps the funds allowed to the robot during a particular trading session. In other words, users retain control over both the amount and duration of live automated trading with just a few clicks before live trading is imitated. All of this is completed from the color-schemed, user-friendly account dashboard. 

5. Decide how you’ll monitor your trading activity. 

Auto trading sessions can be a great source of passive income for users who want to complete the initial setup and spend an hour or less per day just keeping a relaxed eye on their robot’s performance. Or, more active traders can monitor the platform all day, every day from their dashboard if they’d like. 

Bitcoin revolution Features 

  • Free product with applicable fees only applied to robot-generated profits. 
  • Following any applicable commission dedications, users report accurate and quick earnings and payout calculation. 
  • 24 hours or less for withdrawals to be processed. 
  • Simple registration with one-step authentication of user data. 
  • 24/7 global customer service team 
  • Trades are monitored by experienced human brokers for quality and integrity at the end of each trading session. 
  • A user-friendly, comprehensive platform to enable anyone to use the Bitcoin revolution without regard to their expertise in cryptocurrency. 
  • A plethora of testimonials and reviews supporting the platform as a legitimate and reliable vessel for profitable automated cryptocurrency trading. 
  • Some of the highest reported accuracy levels and transaction speeds in the marketplace. 

What Else Do You Need To Know About Bitcoin revolution? 

Bitcoin revolution has evidenced itself as a trustworthy marketplace leader in cryptocurrency trading. But, even the best platform is only as good as the care in which it’s used. New account owners can create a channel of passive income and maximize the return potential of their investment by adhering to these five simple self-care guidelines. 

1. Start with the free demo. 

Even experienced traders will find that operations are a little different from platform to platform. This is the ideal opportunity to get familiar with Bitcoin revolution at no risk to your deposit. 

2. Start with a minimum investment of $250 for live trading. 

This keeps the trading learning curve affordable and lowers your risk. As you profit, reinvest toward your deposit to expand your profit-potential. 

3. Learn all you can. 

While platforms like Bitcoin revolution are designed for accessibility to all, you should still learn as much as you can about the cryptocurrency market. It’s a fascinating world of investing brick upon brick of profit-making potential, but it also helps you understand how those bricks are strategically laid so that you can know when to make what deposits and set those safeguarding caps for each trading session. Taking advantage of the Bitcoin revolution’s free resources on their website is an excellent way to become a more successful trader. 

4. Reinvest for success. 

As mentioned above, it’s important to take your profits out after successful trades. Reinvesting helps you reduce your risk and prevent funding problems from hindering your automatic trading cycles. 

5. Determine your trading timeframes. 

Set your live trading times with the opening and closing of the market. The maker crawls after the close of regular market hours. 

What’s The Bottom Line On Bitcoin revolution? 

Through our own user experience and collecting information across the web from other users, Bitcoin revolution has all the signs of being a legitimate, reputable cryptocurrency auto trading platform for the past six years. Aside from its legitimacy, we found that Bitcoin revolution has many features that cement it as an industry leader. 

Users will find the registration process easy and devoid of invasively requiring excess personal info. Usability has clearly propelled Bitcoin revolution into a fan-favorite amongst automated cryptocurrency traders. That platform is accompanied by excellent customer service support. Statistics and data exhibit a strong potential for profitable trading. Maximum and minimum deposits are aligned with industry standards. The set-up allows users the safeguard of setting trading perimeters on the duration and fund caps. Users can take advantage of free access to resources that can help them become more efficient cryptocurrency traders, and Bitcoin revolution gets withdrawals processed quickly. 

We couldn’t find any reason not to recommend Bitcoin revolution as a platform for novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders alike. We feel it’s best suited for investors looking to build a passive cryptocurrency portfolio, particularly those traders who wish to gain passive income by establishing a monetary deposit for trading robots to actively utilize as the user holds/manages the purse strings.

Disclaimer: The information presented here does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The statements, views, and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author/company and do not represent those of Bitcoinist. We strongly advise our readers to DYOR before investing in any cryptocurrency, blockchain project, or ICO, particularly those that guarantee profits. Furthermore, Bitcoinist does not guarantee or imply that the cryptocurrencies or projects published are legal in any specific reader’s location. It is the reader’s responsibility to know the laws regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs in his or her country.


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