If you became a victim of crypto-currency fraud – this is your fault

Fraud in the network is developing with awesome speed. After the crypto currencies conquered users, they automatically became the object of deception.

The undeniable fact is that if the space of the crypto currency had been cleared of scammers, the network would have been better. It is also a fact that if the user has deceived the crypto currency, it is probably his fault.

The biggest reason for crypto-currency fraud is not shadow activity from poor countries. These are not Russian hackers, and they are not scammers who make spam links.

No, the biggest reason for crypto-currency fraud is greed. And not their greed, but the greed of the user. If someone lost money in Bitconnect or Davorcoin or phishing scam from e-mail or in Vitalik Buterina's promises about free ETH on Twitter, this person is not a victim – he is the culprit.

If people did not accept the bait, scammers would not deceive. If Bitconnect did not buy a crypto currency, Bitconnect would not be able to come out with millions of dollars. If there is a desire to get rich from crypto currency, you should put money in three main coins at will, save them on the hardware purse and forget about it for at least five years.

By 2023, you can become rich, or poor, or somewhere in the middle, but one thing that does not exactly happen in this case is deception.

Let's be honest: the victims of crypto-currency attacks – no matter how naive or mean – do not deserve ridicule. There is no optimism in watching the greedy, devoid of what they crave, and there is no satisfaction in that scammers go away with millions of stolen coins.

You can feel a rush of pity for the victims, at the same time realizing that they themselves have brought themselves problems. But sympathy will not return the money. The only way to stop such things is to stop taking the bait.

Stop buying schemes that look too good to be true. And stop encouraging your friends and relatives to invest in them too.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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