BCH Jeepney brings Bitcoin Cash to the streets of Manila

In what can be considered to be one of the most creative and ground roots of projects concerning Bitcoin Cash, comes the BCH Jeepney. Jeepneys (or simply Jeeps), are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. An idea was born to purchase a Jeepney, and use it to promote BCH around the busy streets of Manilla in the Philippines, with a view then, to see this project turn into a fleet, and potentially span other cities and countries.

The project masterminds have asked to be named by their aliases “MrG”, “WildCard” and “MrSkatman”.

“It’s all MrG’s creation… he lured me in to his mind with an InitialLamborghiniOffering which inconspicuously morphed into a Jeepney. Not knowing what a jeepney was nor how to wrap it with BCH artwork I called on the skills of MrSkatman who jumped in with brilliant ideas to move the concept forward. Within a matter of tweets he escalated our thinking by asking the purchase price, we then started to discuss ways to cycle profits back in and keep the project running. From that, the #InitialJeepneyOffering was born, and more creative people have been included as the project continues to grow…” said ‘Wildcard’.

This is an excellent opportunity for Bitcoin Cash to shine with a real world use case, through busy cities with a payment system that’s safe. ‘Wildcard’ adds “aside from that, it’s also a great way to connect people from different cities around the world through social media and a peer to peer electronic cash system. I really have no idea how it will play out, I just know that the people involved are all committed to this project working and somehow through this we’ll get BitcoinCash flowing from one side of the planet to the other.”

MrSkatman agrees, “I would add for me it is also a way to show all onlookers that we are real, we mean business, we have momentum, and we are willing to put our time and resources on the line to see this happen.  As a chairholder I have a chair on the Jeepney — a seat in this project as a participant in helping promote BCH and spread the good news.  This is purely out of love for BCH and the people of Manilla.   I’d love to see this pilot project succeed and repeated.  The number of people who will be impacted is hard to calculate.  It is more than just the riders.  Their stories, the press, twitter, and the coverage this project gets…  It does well for the Philippines, but also for those watching and seeing it happen.   It has the potential of being quite impactful for a minimum cost.”

MrG who is leading the project says he wants to “see this project reach millions of people and give people the tools they need for a successful future. Staying in the Philippines has shown me that everyday people need more ways to remit their funding from abroad. Families over here send their children and loved ones overseas to work and send money back home. This country has so much potential to grow and the monetary system in place is very limiting for them to advance. This project will help students, elderly and entire country in my own opinion by showing them that there are more ways use money, and BCH is the answer. I would love to see this project repeated and used to reach the other regions of this country. I think the profits from the BCHjeepney should be reinvested back into the project and using it as a self-promotional tool to upgrade the Jeepney and get more users excited about BitcoinCash. I would love to see a massive fleet of these in all the major cities here locally and globally to help spread the word of BitcoinCash.”

He has been so excited and encouraged by the project, that he’s taken it further to sponsor a local basketball team.  MrG says “their name is Team BCH, in Bulacan City, Philippines. We wanted to get to the hearts of the Philippines for which basketball is played everywhere… It gives us a chance to speak with the locals and get questions answered about Bitcoin Cash and support their community. Every game we have about 5 to 10 people watching and answering question about Bitcoin Cash. Also on how they can download and start using it. We are working on a hand out in Tagalog and English”.

The Jeepney route covers a little over 10km in the heart of Manila. Travelling from Philcoa to Quiapo to Kalaw. MrG says that the Jeepney will very easily be seen by over 500k to 1 million people each day. The route goes around Quezon Memorial Circle, which is a national park located in Quezon City, also known for being the capital of the Philippines from 1948 to 1976. The park is located inside a large traffic circle in the shape of an ellipse and bounded by the Elliptical Road. – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quezon_Memorial_Circle
Quezon Memorial Circle is the 10th-largest city square in the world by size.

MrG adds “The Jeepney will create revenue by its daily passengers. Each passenger will pay 8 pesos for the standard rate. There is a discount for elderly and students and that’s 7 pesos. We will take cash payments in the beginning and plan to fit out the Jeepney with either QR code or a RFID BCH loadable prepaid card. That way, each passenger can get a wallet and start using BCH. We want to add more to it and this will be a test pilot for that to hopefully expand and to see what users want so we can migrate that into our design. The bounty for the day will pay for our drivers to be driving around the clock. Any extra money the Jeepney makes will be pulled together and the whole team can decide which improvements from the daily suggestions we get while operating the BCHjeepney.”

This “whole team” that MrG speaks of is made of a list of “chairholders”. These are, BCH fans and supporters from across the globe that have agreed to sponsor a “chair” on the Jeepney. All up there are 20 seats, and the following twitter names have funded a chair for 0.5 BCH.


+2 users who wish to remain anonymous.

There are 6 seats left, which will complete the funding for the project. “We have other ways to contribute to the project, including advertising on, or in the vehicle… such as on the ceiling, which looks like a big blank canvas waiting for some BCH activity. Bitcoin.com will be the first to get their logo painted on the sides, and they are kindly gifting us merchandise to give away as prizes during the jeepney journeys. We are open to all ways to make this project interactive” said Wildcard.

By all means if anyone interested in helping fund this exciting project, or become a fellow “chairholder” should contact the project by tweeting directly to @BCHjeepney – This is the official channel for the Jeepney’s communication. @BCHjeepney posts photographs, updates, progress and more. Wildcard says “If anybody wants to spread the project and manage it on other platforms, please, let’s talk.”

While Bitcoin Cash has had an incredible 6 months of technical developments, it’s certainly reassuring to see developments coming about on creative fronts such as these, which also make a very positive impact in a very different way. We at CoinGeek will be keeping a very close eye on the developments in Manila.

Eli Afram

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