BazarSwap: Introducing The World's First Decentralized OTC Token Trading Platform

As the Ethereum ecosystem grows and DeFi expands, accessibility to Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens must follow suit and accommodate both rising activity and an abundance of new users. To access the large majority of ERC20 tokens, users would need to visit dozens of different platforms and would be forced to endure painful user interfaces and a flood of ETH gas fees to move tokens all around from platform to platform.

To solve this growing problem plaguing the market, the team behind Minereum Project has launched BazarSwap along with several key advantages and a few surprises. Here’s everything you need to know about the emergence of BazarSwap and why accessing ERC20 tokens has never been easier.

Ethereum, The Expansion of The ERC20 Universe, And BazarSwap

According to a crypto market data aggregator, there are now over 9,000 altcoins in the crypto market. The aggregator barely touches all the ERC20 tokens out there, however, and dozens more are popping up each and every day. Not to mention, with 9,000 coins and counting, this doesn’t include NFTs, either. Most NFTs and the 9,000 or more altcoins out there are built on top of the revolutionary foundational blockchain technology that is Ethereum. Ethereum has blossomed into an incredible ecosystem with thousands of value projects, proof of concepts, and more. The ecosystem’s reach extends from DeFi to most other top altcoins themselves.

But growth can get tapped out if there’s not an easy way to access these ERC20 tokens, especially if they’re not getting proper recognition and exposure as the industry grows. Thankfully, BazarSwap has come along – a dedicated decentralized P2P exchange for ERC20 token trading.

All About BazarSwap: Decentralized OTC Trading By Minereum Project

Created by Minereum Project – the first-ever self-mining crypto smart contract and token creation service – BazarSwap is also the first of its kind. BazarSwap lets users trade on a fully decentralized OTC trading exchange, right from their own Ethereum-based wallet of their choosing. The platform is designed with security in mind, with tokens only transferred to and from a wallet after successfully executing trades.

Wallets get connected once and then they are synced so that any assets are automatically available to be sold. All wallets with a positive balance connected to BazarSwap will be listed on the platform’s trade page. Users can delist their wallets by transferring tokens out and can fund the account again to pick up where they left off. Supply and demand is decided by user participation, allowing BazarSwap to ditch the normally required liquidity mechanism. By design, ETH gas costs are kept to a minimum, and slippage is wholly eliminated. The platform also makes use of auditable smart contracts to make sure users always feel fully in control of their funds. 

Win Up To 6 ETH, No Exchange Fees, And Much More To Celebrate Milestone Launches

To celebrate the launch of BazarSwap, the Minereum team has revealed several special promotions. Kickstarting user growth on the platform, all exchange fees are currently waived. The platform may begin charging a nominal fee in the future, which is planned for distribution to Minereum Fee Share Holders. Users can also become a Minereum Fee Share Holder themselves for a piece of the platform revenue.

Furthermore, Minereum is running a lucky draw promotion. Users can obtain a free ticket from a Minereum Lucky Draw page for a chance to win up to 6 ETH. Capping off the celebrations, Minereum has also introduced Coinleet, a crypto ranking platform that lets users discover coins by popularity rather than just pricing or market cap. Like BazarSwap and Minereum itself, Coinleet is an innovative product that benefits the greater crypto community as a whole. Together, they create a world of crypto discovery that’s never been seen before.

To learn more about BazarSwap or to start trading ERC20 tokens today, check out the official website.

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