Aworker – Disrupting the HR Industry Through Next-Gen Blockchain Technology

Both getting a job and hiring the correct candidate is an absolute nightmare. Luckily, Aworker is about to revolutionize the job market.

HR Needs a Revolution

As anyone who’s ever been on the job hunt knows, securing employment isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate looking for your first real job or an industry veteran trying to transition into new things, the hiring process can be a complicated and time-consuming mess – for both job seekers and companies.

As it stands right now, hiring for just one single position is a complicated and inefficient mess. Trust needs to be gained, documents need to be verified, background checks need to be completed, and, often times, foreign work permits need to be gained, requiring official translations and lengthy waits. Of course, interviews also need to be conducted – sometimes upwards of five times, where any number of communication errors can take place.

How great would it be to have all of your skills, recommendations, and work experiences verified and ready to go on the blockchain? Wouldn’t it be nice if your resume could truly speak for itself, and recruiters could trust that all of the information contained in it is 100% accurate?

Well, thanks to Aworker, that’s soon to be the case.

A Better Way of Hiring

Aworker is a next-generation blockchain-based platform which aims to both disrupt and change the Human Resources industry forever by creating new opportunities in the $429 billion hiring market. By harnessing the power of smart contracts, finding your dream job becomes easier than ever, while companies can simply and efficiently find and hire the correct candidates.

With Aworker, job seekers can keep their resume in the blockchain and prove their qualifications instantaneously. Thanks to decentralized assessment and verification, one’s reputation and market value are updated in real-time, and everyone involved in the key stages of hiring is rewarded. This, in turn, affords companies the ability to minimize their expenses, saving upwards of 4x the cost of hiring individuals the traditional way.

It also helps worthy candidates secure the job that is right for them, by allowing achievements, qualifications, and experiences to speak for themselves. On the blockchain, data is transparent, and no company nor individual can manipulate the data to their own advantage. What’s true is true, and recruiters can now select the best candidates the first time around.

The Power of WORK

Aworker is powered by WORK tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which can be earned through a variety of useful methods.

WORK tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens that are awarded for recommending a friend for an open job if that individual completes an interview or gets hired. Confirming your professional abilities by attaching supporting documents also earns WORK tokens, as does showing up for an interview or receiving a job offer yourself. Users can also earn WORK tokens by proving their knowledge, passing courses, or by attending events – creating a verified resume for companies to instantly trust.

In essence, WORK tokens incentivize the acts of verifying your skills, recommending past colleagues, and putting yourself out there – which has, until Aworker, gone unrewarded.

Aworker’s first pre-ICO token sale has already been successfully completed, but there are still plenty of opportunities. The second pre-ICO began on Feb. 15 and offers a 20% discount. All unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed, and no further tokens will be issued in the future.

Aworker is partnered with Tom Tailor, eBitcoin, Origin, Neuroseed, ICOmarks, TrackICO, ICOVoting, ICOBox. You can find out more about Aworker’s pre-ICO sale, official roadmap, whitepaper, and team on their official website.

What benefits does Aworker’s blockchain based platform bring to the recruitment industry? To job hunters? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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