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We are happy and proud to announce that we are partnering with to bring liquidity mining campaigns to their platform by integrating the NIOX Maker, and more importantly, NIOX Swarm. Together these tools will enable intelligent crowdsourced liquidity.

Liquidity is one of the most essential pre-requisites for all financial assets and trading platforms. However, most market participants are unclear as to what drives liquidity and how to measure its effects. This is mainly because market making, the business of providing liquidity, has traditionally been accessible to only a limited number of participants.

Few actually decide to get into actively providing liquidity for the markets, since it can often be difficult and expensive to effectively set-up. Easy-to-use market-making and liquidity mining tools have largely been inaccessible, until now. 

We at Autonio believe that everyone can and should make markets, especially since decentralized finance can only be as decentralized as the source of its liquidity.

With the combination of our high-performance Market-Making Module and ongoing Liquidity Mining Campaigns, we are ready to boost the volume on and enable everyone to become a liquidity provider. 

The NIOX maker can substantially increase liquidity on a venue by allowing its users to harness intelligent automated trading infrastructure with an intuitive UI. It helps turn enthusiasts, including non-technical ones, into market makers. This module of the NIOX suite contains a set of different strategies to make sure it fits the purpose and intention of the trader/liquidity provider using the module.

NIOX Swarm is a marketplace-driven approach to market making that can promote consistent crowdsourced liquidity provisioning, mitigate the risk of manipulative practices, and improve matching efficiency in the market for liquidity.

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