Athena adds Bitcoin Cash support in all its ATMs

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has picked up another fan, this time with Athena Bitcoin. All of the company’s ATMs now have support for the cryptocurrency, bringing it one step closer to users. The move not only enhances the position of BCH, but could also indicate a waning interest in legacy Bitcoin (BTC) by Athena.

While the company hasn’t come out to say that it plans on dumping BTC anytime in the near future, the inclusion of BCH could certainly support the decision down the road. Athena operates ATMs in various U.S. states, including California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Ohio.

Athena operates two-way machines, giving users the ability to not only withdrawal cash from their cryptocurrency supply, but to make deposits, as well. It now has become one of the first major U.S.-based Bitcoin ATMs to offer support for both BTC and BCH. With the transition, it’s possible that other ATM operators will follow suit and begin to offer additional support to their machines.

Aside from BTC, Litecoin is also supported by the Athena ATM network. BCH is only the third coin to be added. Since BCH is fully independent with its own price and development, users must have a proper BCH wallet to buy the currency. Currently, the Athena wallet doesn’t support BCH, but the company said it plans on including the feature in an update that’s soon to be released.

As should be expected, the BTC community isn’t thrilled with the move. It ups the stakes in the cryptocurrency wars, and provides additional resources to the fourth-ranked coin. BCH enthusiasts in the United States, however, are ecstatic and they expect to see similar moves in the future.

The debate rages over whether or not BTC or BCH is the real Bitcoin, and it doesn’t look like that debate will end anytime soon. Regardless of one’s opinion on the subject, providing ATM support for BCH is definitely a smart business move.

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