Ukrainian Soccer Team Dynamo Kyiv To Launch Blockchain-based Fan Tokens

Ukrainian professional soccer team Dynamo Kyiv is partnering U.S.-based blockchain startup Moonwalk to help the team drive increased revenue and fan engagement with a branded digital fan token while the global pandemic has left stadiums virtually empty.

Moonwalk will help create the teams own digital economy by building the first-of-its-kind sports ecosystem centered around the fan community to provide its fan base with a comprehensive reward and payment economy powered by a team-branded digital token.

Dynamo Kyiv fans outside the United States will be able to purchase the team-branded digital tokens in early 2021.

This ecosystem is expected to enable Dynamo Kyiv to drive increased revenue while accelerating fan participation by enabling digital tokens to be earned and spent throughout the team’s expanding ecosystem. It will capitalize on the vast benefits of blockchain and digital tokens to better engage, reward and monetize their communities, partners, and sponsors.

Dynamo Kyiv fans will be able to earn these tokens based on their participation with the team and spend the tokens in Dynamo Kyiv’s stadium and digital marketplace. Fans will also be able to earn and make payments in digital tokens, both online and in-person, through an integrated mobile payment infrastructure.

Fans will be able to access unique and exclusive experiences by earning digital tokens for ‘social actions’ such as playing predictive games or engaging on social media platforms. They can use the earned tokens on merchandise drops or joining VIP events, purchasing discounted goods throughout the stadium, or paying for digital collectibles on Dynamo Kyiv’s digital marketplace.

As the partnership expands, Moonwalk plans to offer additional services to the team such as predictive gaming, allowing fans to purchase the digital tokens to further enhance their experiences.

Moonwalk’s blockchain infrastructure can be easily integrated into any sports teams’ new or existing ecosystem to provide a streamlined fan experience.

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