Red Sunday: Top 10 Crypto Projects by Market Cap Getting Walloped

The crypto bear market continues, with the cryptoeconomy’s downtick on Sunday, March 18th, being among the most acute in recent memory. As for the top 10 projects by market capitalization, bitcoin is fairing the downward chop the best percentage-wise, while IOTA is the only coin in the green — just barely — at press time. 

Selloff Continues

The top 10 coins ain’t pretty for now, as bearish trends seemingly came to a head this Sunday in the cryptoverse. Most cryptocurrencies’ prices experienced double-digit percentage drops over the past 24 hours.

At press time, bitcoin and IOTA are fairing the best at the top, with the bitcoin price down by over 6 percent in the last day and IOTA up by just over one percent in the same span.

Everything else in the top 10 is looking shellacked for now. Notably, the ether price has sunk by just under 20 percent, with NEO (-21 percent), Cardano (-19 pecent), Stellar (-20 percent), and EOS (-18 percent) also seeing big losses on the day.

Other top plays like Ripple (-14 percent), bitcoin cash (-10.5 percent), litecoin (-11 percent) are performing only slightly better.

~$100 Billion USD Leaves Crypto in a Week

On March 11th, 2018, the market capitalization of the entire crypto space was around $384 billion dollars. $100 billion has left in the ensuing week, with the cryptoeconomy currently hovering below $280 billion.

To that end, bitcoin’s market cap now sits at approximately $125.47 billion, with ethereum being next at $45.81 billion and Ripple not far behind that at $21.66 billion.

Now the grand question is: what’s next from here in the interrim?

What’s your take? How are you personally weathering the ongoing crypto market storm? Are you hodling and sitting tight, or are you making moves and cutting losses? Be sure to sound off in the comments below. 

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