Pen Manufacturer Ancora1919 Offers Bitcoin and Ethereum Fountain Pens

The company is already in the process of delivering Bitcoin pens from last month. Both the luxury Ethereum and Bitcoin pens are limited in numbers. There are discounts for pre-production stages or pre-orders.  

Ancora1919, an Italian luxury pen-manufacturer for 100 years now, will now accept pre-production orders for a limited edition Ethereum pens. It will be a limited supply: only 888 rollerball pens and 88 fountain pens.

Each of the pens will have a personal production number etched on the bottom, verifying authenticity.

The sale of the pens will resemble a token sale. First, the number will be limited and will never change. Secondly, you can get a 50 percent discount on the pre-order or pre-production stage pens. The stage runs between 8th of April until the 8th of May. The roller pen will sell at $1,000 USD and the fountain pen will go for $1,250.

The price will increase to $1,250 and $1,500 respectively from 12th until the 27th of May. The pens will be available from retailers at the price of $2,250 and $2,500 respectively starting July 1.

There are also special conditions for those buying 5 or more fountain pens.

Bitcoin pens

The company recently produced Bitcoin pens in December 2017. Each sale had 60% discount. These pens enter retail phase from this June, with one rollerball pen going for $2,250 and one fountain pen going for $2,500. The price of Platinum is 1 BTC, Gold 0.5 BTC, and Silver 0.25 BTC. The number of Bitcoin pens are also limited to only 888 rollerball pens and 88 fountain pens.

The first delivery for Bitcoin pens was last month and second delivery happens this month and the last one in May.

The company will also offer a limited number of pens with precious metals included in exchange for ETH. The nib is made of 18K gold. For this offer, Ancora’s “Platinum numbers” will cost 15 ETH each. Gold will go for 10 ETH and Silver for 5 ETH each.

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