NRA Fighting Back Against Boycotts

National Rifle Association or NRA is feeling the heat of resistance from corporates, following the recent attack by a teen gunman in Florida school that killed 17 people, including students and teachers.

First National Bank of Omaha, one of the largest private banks in U.S. said that it will not renew contract with National Rifle Association for branded Visa card.

Rental car operator Enterprise said their three brands have ended the discount for NRA members, effective March 26. Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines, which were offering discounts for NRA’s annual convention in Dallas in May stopped their support.

There have been nation-wide discussions about the absence of a federal action for a gun control. On an average, 100 people in U.S. have 88 guns.

After the Florida killing, the NRA has been a target of criticism, especially for an advertisements featuring a pro-gun pundit.

First National Bank of Omaha have been associating with NRA for more than a decade. The card offered by the bank offered a cashback bonus of $40 that could cover NRA membership. However, the bank said customer feedback has caused to review the relationship.

According to ThinkProgress website, many of the companies that were having corporate partnerships with NRA have severed their ties.

There have been campaigns against Amazon hosting that serve. More than 161 thousand people signed a petition on started by Brad Chase.

by RTT Staff Writer

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