NFL Lineman Russell Okung Isn’t Getting Paid in Bitcoin

The National Football League’s Russell Okung has seemingly misled several publications and users into believing he was being paid in bitcoin, more than a year after tweeting that he wanted his contract to be in BTC. 

According to a report by Cointelegraph Okung, an offensive lineman for the Carolina Panthers, is receiving his earnings in U.S. dollars. Cointelegraph cites a Carolina Panthers spokesperson saying what he does with his money is his own business.

The NFL star is reportedly using a crypto startup called Strike to convert some of his earnings into BTC. Okung contributed to the confusion in the crypto space tweeting out he was being “paid in bitcoin.”

Okung’s tweet similarly came to promote a startup that allows people to convert part of their paycheck into the flagship cryptocurrency. The startup, called Strike, lets users convert “any percentage” of their paycheck into BTC.

Since Okung first tweeted to have his contract paid in bitcoin in May 2019, the cryptoasset has appreciated more than 270% in value.

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