Microsoft Starts Accepting Bitcoin Cash

Microsoft now accepts payment in Bitcoin Cash for games, Xboxes, apps and all sort of things found on their online Microsoft Store.

This appears to be limited to only USA, where you can fund the account with Bitcoin Cash payments which are pretty much instantly credited. Allowing you then to purchase all they have to offer, including some 700,000 apps.

They almost stopped accepting bitcoin in January due to very high fees, but BitPay has apparently persuaded them to keep accepting it, perhaps offering BCH as a candy of sorts.

This is all part of an upgrade of BitPay’s payment services which recently automatically turned on BCH payments on all of their 100,000+ merchants.

Merchants who can choose to convert all of the crypto to dollars, receive it all as crypto, or hedge a 50% conversion and 50% crypto.

How many do what has not been reported by BitPay for some years. The last publicized number we believe was around 2014 when BitPay said nearly 5,000 merchants accept crypto directly without converting it into dollars.

“You can now use Bitcoin Cash to INSTANTLY add credit to your Microsoft account!!! I selected Redeem Bitcoin, chose Bitcoin Cash, and used the Copay wallet on my phone to scan the QR code on my laptop, and send the payment.

The payment was received INSTANTLY and immediately added the $10 credit to my Microsoft account,” a very excited Casher says.

The payment is received instantly because BitPay considers transactions that are unconfirmed by miners as pretty safe.

They use a method described by Satoshi Nakamoto long ago whereby just broadcasting a transaction is sufficient as a second double spending transaction is unlikely to go through if there is even a one second delay.

Making the crypto payment experience quite convenient, and very fun as it must feel pretty good pretending you’re a futurist holding that QR code and seeing that screen instantly change to a green confirmation.

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