Michael Saylor Says He'll Be Buying Bitcoin at the Top Forever and Whenever He Has Some Spare Cash

Mr. Saylor’s comments on buying Bitcoin at the top were made when Tucker Carlson asked whether he was going to keep buying Bitcoin, to which he responded as follows:

Yeah. I’ll be buying [Bitcoin] at the top forever.

Right…the maximalist way is that Bitcoin is an instrument of economic empowerment. I’m not trying to time in the market. I just want to be in it.

Michael Saylor Will Buy Bitcoin Whenever He Has Some Spare Cash

Earlier on in the interview, Michael Saylor had reiterated that he would buy Bitcoin whenever he and MicroStrategy had some spare cash to do so. He added:

Whenever I have some spare cash we buy more Bitcoin.

We are taking a very very long view about this.

The network is only getting better, adoption is improving, very constructive regulation is coming out of DC and the lightning network is moving us closer to Satoshi’s promise of letting everybody in the world trade with each other at the speed of light in fair and equitable fashion.

Bitcoin is the Most Certain Thing in a Very Uncertain World

Michael Saylor’s interview on the Tucker Carlson show also touched on the general feel in the Bitcoin markets, to which the MicroStrategy CEO had this to say.

Bitcoin is the most certain thing in a very uncertain world. You know…in a market full of chaos and fury, people need a safe place to stand apart from the intervention of the a government or an agency or a corporation.

So, Bitcoin represents a fair, open, equitable network with a very simple promise to anyone who wants to join, which is what you own is yours and no one will take it away from you.

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