Michael Saylor Jokes About Working at McDonald's as Bitcoin Loses the $32k Support Level

McDonald’s Bitcoin Memes are Popular During Bear Markets

Michael Saylor’s meme of himself behind the counter of Mcdonald’s and wearing a branded cap is a popular one used by crypto-twitter members to find some humor during times of significant market pullbacks such as the one Bitcoin is undergoing.

Bitcoin Continues on its Downward Spiral, Losing $32k Support and Setting a Local Low of $32k

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $31,250 after setting a local low of $31k.

Bitcoin has been in a freefall since last week when the US Fed announced a 0.50% increment in interest rates and the beginning of Quantitative tightening as early as June 1st.  Before the interest increment announcement by the Fed last Wednesday, May 4th, Bitcoin was trading above $39k. This implies that Bitcoin has lost $8k in value or 20.5% in less than one week.

If the current rate of decline does not slow down, Bitcoin could soon test the $30k and $28k support levels by the end of the week.

MicroStrategy Execs. Had Discussed the Probability of a Margin Call on its Debt if Bitcoin Fell Below $21k

Mr. Saylor’s meme on Tweet comes less than a week after MicroStrategy execs. discussed the possibility of a margin call on its $205 million loan from Silvergate Bank if Bitcoin fell below $21k.

During the conversation, MicroStrategy’s CFO, Phong Le, explained that the company ‘could contribute more Bitcoin to the collateral package, so it never gets there.’

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