Brisbane woman charged for buying drugs using Bitcoin [BTC] from a dark web portal

Australian federal authorities have charged a 32-year-old woman from Brisbane for buying drugs from the United Kingdom, using Bitcoin. The shipments were intercepted by the Australian Border Force and investigated by the Australian Federal Police.

Terry Price, Border Force’s regional commander for Queensland said:

“People shouldn’t assume the dark web is invisible to Australian agencies”.

He further added that the accused,”used a dark web portal and cryptocurrency Bitcoin to order, pay and organize multiple shipments of illicit drugs from the United Kingdom.”

In December 2017,  a small amount of MDMA was detected in a parcel, which was sent from the UK to Brisbane. Later, on January 4th, the Australian Border Force officers found another package to the same address, containing Fentanyl and a search warrant was executed on February 2nd. On investigation, unknown quantities of MDMA [Ecstacy], LSD, Oxycodone and, Dimethylthyltrytamine [DMT] was found.

The woman appeared in court on Friday and faced 15 drug-related charges. She has been charged for importing a marketable quantity of, Fentanyl and MDMA, border controlled drugs, contrary to the section 307.2 of the Criminal Code Act [Cth] 1995, importing a border controlled drug, MDMA, and Cannabis contrary to section 307.3 of the Criminal Code Act [Cth] 1995, and state-related offences under Queensland Drugs Misuse Act 1986.

Price said:

“Through close collaboration with our law enforcement partners we are able to detect imports purchased through these [darknet] sites.”

He further added:

“We continue to refine our targeting and testing to make sure this deadly drug doesn’t make its way into the hands of Australian users, but people ultimately need to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.”

According to CNN:

“Australian authorities have previously dealt with crypto-related drug purchases, confiscating 24,518 bitcoins – under USD$10 million at the time in 2014 and just under $200 million today – and auctioning them from three bitcoin wallets belonging to drug traffickers.”

Last year, the ABF had established a team of intelligent analysts who monitor illicit drug and gun trade, extremist activity, child pornography, and more. They also monitor the darknet vendors who accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin [BTC] and Monero [XMR].

Steve Fortune, a cryptocurrency enthusiast said:

“Just when we are about to go bullish, someone has to go buy drugs with Bitcoin and ruin it for the whole community!!”

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