Bitcoin Tech Play ACINQ Accidentally Deletes App’s Signing Key

ACINQ, the bitcoin tech company behind the recent release of the mainnet Eclair Wallet Android app, has announced they believe they might have accidentally deleted a signing key needed to update the app. As such, ACINQ has deactivated the app and will “release a new separate app shortly.”

‘Best to Stop Using the App’

Tackling the crypto-hiccup with tranpsarency and head on, ACINQ announced on Twitter that their Eclair Wallet app would be deactivated since it could no longer be updated due to the apparent accidental deletion of the signing key required for such updates.

ACINQ had only just announced the wallet’s mainnet release on March 28th, with the app making waves at the time for having Lightning Network support.

Now, ACINQ is ditching the old app in favor of a new one where the signing key will be restored. The team believes the old app already has a “bug related to unilateral closing,” highlighting the need to shut it down and move ahead to a new, rectified clone app accordingly.

The episode also highlights how the security of keys are a make-or-break factor in the cryptoverse. Fortunately, ACINQ is in a position to “fork” and start the app over.

Peter Todd Chimes In

Developer and self-described applied cryptography consultant Peter Todd tweeted out his thoughts on ACINQ’s key deletion, saying that proliferating keys to defend against such a deletion would’ve been problematic in its own way.

He also argued that regular bitcoin use has the opposite problem:

Lastly, he humorously suggested “tatooing the blockchain on your forehead” so security cameras could make automatic backups:

What’s your take? Have you ever personally lost keys in the crypto space? Tell us about your experience below in the comments. 

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