The Bitcoin course in 2020 will reach 91 000 $

Tom Lee and Fundstrat forecast that by March of the year 2020 the Bitcoin price will reach 91 000 US dollars, their forecast is shown on the chart, which shows that after the past failures in the market prices went up much more.

Lee and Fundstrat used the average percentage of growth obtained after calculating each fall to roughly calculate the figure by 2020.

Forbes notes that, since the diagram is based on a logarithmic scale, and not on the traditional linear chart, the maxima and minima of Bitcoin are not so different.

Lee predicts high prices for BTC, as previously its price was below 3 000 US dollars. In July 2017, Lee has already stated that the most popular crypto currency in the world will reach 55 000 dollars to 2022 year. And most recently, in January this year, Lee said, that by the end of 2018, BTC will cost 25 000 dollars.

Also, Tom Lee and Fundtrat recently released the "Bitcoin Misery Index", which is described as the "opposite index", it allows investors to understand how "unfortunate" holders of the BTC are in that position.

Note that at the moment the cost of one Bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap, is estimated at 7 541 US dollar, and the total capitalization of the most popular crypto currency in the world is more than 127,6 billion US dollars.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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