American trader stole $ 2 million in crypto currency after failed investments

The network has information that the 24-year trader Joseph Kim, who worked in the Chicago firm Consolidated Trading, allegedly stole 2 million dollars. They argue that Kim did this to cover his own losses due to investments in crypto-currencies.

According to the statement, Kim illegally transferred Bitcoin and Litecoin from Consolidated Trading's purses to his personal purses. At first, Kim transferred 980 Litecoin to his personal wallet, deceiving his superiors, as if he had done this as a security measure.

In November, two months after Kim moved to the company's department of cash and currency trading, he transferred 55 Bitcoin to his personal wallet without the company's permission. At that time, Kim told the company that he had taken the necessary approach to unblock the account of the currency exchange, transferring the amount of 433 000 dollars.

Although Kim returned 27 Bitcoin back to the company's account, 28 remained in his personal wallet. However, prosecutors said that Kim stole more than he told the company. In the official criminal case it was noted that Kim at one point stole 284 units of Bitcoin, which is equivalent to 2,8 million dollars.

The report claimed that Kim was engaged in large-scale trade and lost a large number of funds. While the company was able to return 1,4 million dollars from Kim's personal wallet, she could not return the remaining 603 000 dollars.

"I was not going to steal for myself. I perverted trying to fix what I already did. I can not believe that I could not stop ""Kim told prosecutors.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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