Zilliqa [ZIL] the odd one out in the bearish market with a 13.19% surge

Zilliqa is a name unheard by many in the cryptocurrency market. But now its name is echoing in the entire market as it is one of the only two currencies that is surging in the last 24 hours.

Zilliqa shows a surge of 13.19% in the last 24 hours. The only other currency accompanying it is Binance Coin which is surging at 2.51%. In comparison, the Binance Coin is surging at a very low rate and the only name the market can hear right now is Zilliqa.

It has not only shown a surge in the last 24 hours but its last 7-day average also shows promising numbers. Its 7-day average surge is the highest in the top 25 cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap. Its 7-day average is currently surging at 46.38% which is 4 times any cryptocurrency’s 7-day average in the top 25.

The only other cryptocurrency which shows a double-digit 7-day average is IOTA with a surge of 11.39% but its declining with a rate of 6.39% in the last 24 hours which makes it hard for it to retain its double-digit surge in the 7-day scale.

The surge has reflected on its price very well. Zilliqa is priced at $0.160988, whereas, 7 days ago it was at $0.10.

Its market cap has also crossed the $1 billion mark and is currently around $1.1 billion. Its ranked 23rd in the global market and shows promising numbers even in the last 1 hour. It surges at the rate of 2.10% even in the last one hour, giving it an advantageous boost in the market. It’s only a $100 million away from gaining on 22nd rank.

There have been rumors about phishing attempts which generally tend to affect the price of the cryptocurrency which the company acknowledges on its official website and denies any launch of Zilliqa Airdrop. Any attempt to gain user’s passwords or other details by luring them into a Zilliqa Airdrop is false and a desperate attempt to phish.

Zilliqa asks all its coin holders to be beware and only cater to official announcements given out by the coins official sources.

A Twitter user says:

“When I first bought #Zil I didn’t know I was investing in my retirement.”

Oly, a Twitter user says:

“Getting a ton of thank you messages and people asking me when i’m selling. PEOPLE. This is just the start for Zilliqa, I fully support the team and this project, lots of milestones coming up in their roadmap. I’ll let you know when I sell, but don’t expect it to be soon $ZIL $BTC

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