Tron’s Secret Project Could Boost BTT and TRX Ecosystem With 100 Million Users | BTCMANAGER

Justin Sun announced on January 12 on Twitter the launch of a secret project that would bring multibillion benefits for $ BTT & $ TRX ecosystem. According to conservative forecasts, the project could attract more than 100 million new users. 

Announcements of Announcement 

Justin Sun teasers are nothing new. Tron founder has often been accused of his so-called announcements of announcement for drawing the attention of the crypto community. In yesterday’s tweet, Justin Sun announced that he would start working on a secret project that will lead to “multibillion” benefits for the BTT token and TRX ecosystem.

This time the numbers seem to have gotten out of hand, without considering the irony in publicly announcing the beginning of a mysterious secret project. According to Justin’s conservative forecasts, this project would add, at least, 100 million new users to the ecosystem. It is complex to understand how many actual users the TRX and BTT ecosystem has, however, if we consider the users of some services such as DLive it is difficult to think that the number of users is minimally close to the figure indicated.

DLive was launched around September 2018 and at the moment has around 5 million monthly active users with nothing less than 80,000 active broadcasters. Moreover, according to data from SimilarWeb, the monthly visit of the website are around 3.5 million. It is difficult to think that the launch of a project can bring 100 million new users when the current ones are of an infinitely lower order of magnitude.

Followers are Becoming Skeptics

In the past these attempts had a very specific intention, to increase the hype around Tron and consequently its price. Several times the founder of Tron has succeeded in this endeavor, however, the desired effects are diminishing. The price of TRX after the announcement has not had any upswing, on the contrary, it has been losing 0,43 percent over the last 24 hours.

After a series of bad announcements, including the famous dinner with Warren Buffet, Tron’s followers are starting to open their eyes and are no longer fooled by the exaggerated tweets of its founder. The marketing strategies used by Justin Sun have certainly served to make him gain notoriety, however, at some point, it is also necessary to deliver working solutions in order to maintain followers’ trust.

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