Tron [TRX] gets another helping hand – Bitpie

Bitpie wallet, a wallet service provider has announced their to support TRON’s mainnet launch and blockchain upgrade. According to the latest post by TRON labs on their Medium account, the Bitpie wallet will be supporting TRON blockchain upgrade and token migration. As reported, TRON will be launching the Virtual Machine [TRON VM v.0.1] on the 25th of May. The TRON virtual machine is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine.

The mainnet launch will occur on the 31st May. The token migration will be taking place on the 21st of June. The migration has got recent supports from various wallets and exchange platforms.

According to the report on Medium, investors need to deposit the TRX ERC-20 tokens to the Bitpie wallet. All the transfers made by investors in the Bitpie wallet will receive an equivalent amount of TRX token. Bitpie is equipped in handling with new-generation asset management.

Justin Sun recently announced to the TRON community that the company is giving away a home. Last year it was known for their giveaway items such as a Maserati and a Mercedes Benz.

Justin Sun’s tweet

TRON is ranked number 9 on CoinMarketCap. The market deflated last week with most of the cryptocurrencies dropping in value. At press time, TRON’s price has a market capitalization of $4.4 billion. The TRX price has fallen by 6.6% in the last 24 hours. The current trading price for TRX is staked at $0.067 and is increasing from past one hour by 2.5%. The market has seen a significant drop in prices by 16% in the last one week period.

Swapy, a Twitterati says:

“My sixth sense says major partnership incoming. Don’t look at current prices guys. Hodl. I bought cardano when it was 2 cents and never thought it would cross $1. And I am not making same mistake again. Just imagine how many TRX would I be holding right now….. a lot”

Another Twitterarti says:

“Hopefully good things will come with the upcoming main net launch. Keep up the good work Justin! Snickers bar and beyond!”

A crypto-enthusiast comments:

“Still waiting on Liqui Exchange to announce if they are supporting mainnet migration. Waiting to hear anything from them at all actually – they are holding my TRX hostage. No communication – are they a scam??”

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