TradingView Integrates Poloniex: First-ever Bitcoin Exchange Added to its Trading Board

Professional charting and trading platform TradingView announced on March 26 the integration of the first ever bitcoin exchange with its trading board. Cryptocurrency traders will now have direct access from TradingView to their Poloniex accounts.

TradingView has long been one of the preferred platforms used by professional traders to do their bidding – and also counts itself as a merchant that accepts bitcoin. As an easy to use advanced financial visualization platform, TradingView is one of the best and most used social networks for traders and investors alike. It allows millions of traders across the globe to engage and exchange knowledge, share trading practices and discuss trading ideas, as well as place, live orders.

Nowadays, cryptocurrency trading is a professional activity with an increasing number of participants. The high volatility of cryptocurrency trading makes it extremely risky, but it also makes it an attraction to many investors. As a result, the number of professional traders entering the crypto world and they want to have the complete convenience and the tools offered by any professional exchange.

Charting Platforms for Crypto Markets

There are some trading platforms and a lot of apps used by professional traders to help them with their trading activity. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders are now looking tirelessly for these types of platforms and apps. But since the popularity of digital currency trading has been increasing, listed platforms are now trying to integrate cryptocurrency trading options.

Currently, many cryptocurrency traders have been using TradingView for chart analysis and as a convenient tool which allows them to monitor their investments closely. Up until now, apart from Coinigy, there was no professional option for cryptocurrency traders. With TradingView opening its doors to cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-traders will have access to a lot more tools and features than ever before. Moreover, it will also bring a new wave of Wall Street and institutional traders that will inject a lot of liquidity into the crypto industry.


TradingView has integrated forex brokers in the past, and the screenshot below shows Poloniex as the newest addition:

Competition is Heating up in the Exchange Market

Poloniex is considered one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the US. In February, co-founders of Circle, Sean Neville, and Jeremy Allaire announced the acquisition of Poloniex confirming the interest on Wall Street in the cryptocurrency market. Apart from trying to mark its position in the cryptocurrency market, with this move Circle is positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the industry, directly competing with Coinbase, Kraken or Binance.

Coinbase, on the other hand, felt that with this move Circle was placing itself as the direct opponent and made its own adjustments by hiring an expert financial advisor and dealmaker, Emilie Choi.

Cryptocurrency trading is an industry that is still in its infancy. The collaboration between Poloniex and TradingView is a sign that digital currency is becoming increasingly popular with professional traders and on Wall Street.

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