Stellar Lumens [XLM] to the moon? Mixed opinions after yesterday’s 8% dip

Investors of Stellar Lumens [XLM] have seen a very gloomy week as it takes gradual 6.87% dip and has closed at $0.3286 as observed at press time on March 07th, 2018. Although, it has managed to be in the top 10 list in global market. It has seen yet another 8.77% decline in the past 24hrs.

Josh, a blogger commented on Twitter regarding the Crypto Payments addition on Paypal:

Peter Thiel is an early investor of Ripple. Ripple and $XRP is for the big boys. Sorry, not $XLM or Stellar Lumens.”

David Evan, another user says:

Ripple protocol and $XRP are COMPLETELY different things. ‘big boys’ (banks) use protocol.”

XLM has been implementing new additions to keep investors happy. They had recently pre-released their wallets and had also gotten listed on BACE exchange platform.

XLM’s distributed network has a fixed, nominal inflation mechanism built inherently. Every new lumen is added to this network at 1% rate each year. These are distributed amongst the accounts that get over 0.05% of the “votes” from other accounts in the network each week.

Every account selects another account as its inflation destination or nominee to accept new currency. Voting is then accounted according to the number of lumens the voting account has. The distribution is limited to once a week and in response to the operation that can be submitted by anybody, an inflation is run.

The Stellar network can help build mobile wallets, smart devices for self-payment, banking tools or just about anything you wish to that revolves around payments. Even though it is a complicated network, using it isn’t really that twisted.

Every stellar core is connected to a Horizon, a restful HTTP API server for most applications to interact with the Stellar network. To avoid third-party interference, most people might want to host their own instance of Stellar Core to submit transactions.

All the stellar cores are accumulated and maintained separately by a worldwide stellar network with different people and organizations involved. This distribution makes it safe and reliable.

Daisy, an XLM enthusiast tweeted:

“Stellar Lumens [XLM] snagged a spot in the 10, Yay!! Congratulations to the team. Hoping to see it in a higher rank with a better net value.”

Another cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Exciting times for $XLM … if $XSH get it’s quantum proofing and private smart contracts in pace then this company n can only go north”

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