Sean Liu, former data engineer from Gridsum joins TRON [TRX]

TRON forms one of the biggest communities on the internet and has brought about real promising projects ever since the launch of TRON testnet. More and more members from and outside the community have been willing to participate in its trial. This has not only created stronger bonds amongst the community but also shown a great deal of success in the cryptocurrency eco-space.

In the past eight months, several technicians have been working together to build a better growth rate for the network that shall allow users to hold smart contracts through its blockchain, where it is easier for users to build, store and publish applications.

Sean Liu, who was the former senior data engineer working for Gridsum has claimed to have found TRON’s data development very promising among other blockchain projects, and he will be working for the same with experiences in programming languages, node designing, developing real-time projects that can track transactions and load balancing. He assures to bring about more reliable public chains and target the ‘mainnet’.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON says:

 “Sean Liu will join to optimize TPOS and chain resource isolation mechanism, aiming to promote the upcoming mainnet launch. We also believe that TRON will surprise everyone with its continuous development.”

According to announcements made by the community, more than 50 organizations will support the network while running for ‘Super Representative Election’. TRON’s technical systems along with its Operating Systems are better equipped with decentralized protocols which will be compatible with Ethereum smart protocol.

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