Ripple [XRP], Stellar Lumens [XLM] building partnerships – Sentiment Analysis – March 17th

With a slight spurt of growth in the market, indications of green are observed in coinmarketcap. In respect to Bitcoin’s effect on other cryptocurrencies, the damage caused to them are slowly being reversed. Bitcoin has gained at least $100 since yesterday’s prices. As many analysts suggest, Bitcoin price affects all the other coins favorably and adversely.

Despite the price drop in the market, the on-the-ground use of Blockchain technology in industries has only been rising. Ripple and Stellar are known for expanding and extending their technology to many businesses and financial institutions. Stellar has connected with IBM, Keybase, KlickEx, LeFinance, FlutterWave and ICICI Bank to name a few. Ripple’s technology is welcomed in the Japan Bank Consortium, MoneyTap mobile app, BBVA Compass, Zip Remit, South Korean Banks, and many more.

In today’s segment of Sentiment Analysis, we are mainly investigating how the market is having a toll on investors ‘feelings’. This is an assemblage of the opinions of investors, miners, market analysts, journalists, and influencers.

Ripple [XRP]:

Ripple’s year started off with a bang with its price at more than $3.50 and a market capital of over $147 billion. With the market decline over the past three months, Ripple is priced at $0.684066 as seen at press time, losing up to $3 in value. The current market capital is $27 billion.

Mevin Spencer, a Logistics Manager at an online shopping firm says:

“The rumors about XRP are so worse and growing so widespread, no coin can grow with breaking people trust so much. But Brad is doing a fine job. He has been constantly answering to all the queries of people and expending the technology in every sphere. Its good to see such initiatives. I can only expect good things from Ripple.”

Micheal Kor, an Associate Executive Manager at an IT firm says:

“I have been hearing these “reasons” for the new bearish “trend”. There is a new one almost every week. First with the Bitcoin futures to Chinese New Year, Korean Regulations, SEC, Binance hack, Mt. Goz, and what not! Seems like this list is going to continue for a very long time. Ripple almost came out of this trend. But, unfortunately, that was probably just a blessed day for Ripple.”

To conclude, the opinions of the group is almost positive as a slight mounting of prices is seen in the market. They had always seen potential in Ripple and it has been promisingly extending itself to trade range. Many believe that markets will be back to what it used to be during December last year.

Stellar Lumens [XLM]:

Stellar Lumens, whose price almost reach $1 at the beginning of the year is currently priced at $0.229629, almost losing more than 70% of its value. It holds a market capital of $4 billion. XLM has been constantly been in the highs and lows avoiding major resistance over the past month.

Monish Mehra, an employee from Amazon says:

“If Stellar can partner with such big firms, I can see much growth in it. XLM has been constantly avoiding bearish zones, trying to get out of this whole resistance area nonsense. I can see so many coins struggle to get out of those. Only XLM has been doing its job right!”

Asim Sen, a freelance coder says:

“No matter the FUDs, Stellar will fly to the moon! It is for sure.”

Manny Ottow, a Stellar believer says:

“Why is XRP even getting any attention for these partnerships? Ripple is not even using XRP. Stellar is SUPERIOR! Lumen is anyday a better coin.”

As clearly seen, the opinions towards Stellar is positive. They believe Stellar technology will take XLM to great heights. Once the market fiasco ends, Stellar is expected to see the bull run again.

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