Revival NFT Marketplace Launches Successfully on IOST (IOST)

Revival offers artists innovative margin rewards that help the creators get compensated aptly for their digital artwork. Further, Revival also offers an intuitive UI, ensures minimum gas fees, and supports multi-chain integration.

Additionally, unlike other NFT marketplaces where users can only profit by selling their NFTs at a higher price to the buyer, Revival NFT Marketplace allows its users to earn rewards in LOL tokens and IOST by just listing their NFTs for sale.

As icing on the cake, Revival promises to look after all other users’ needs with its support from the 20-million USD Medici Fund for artists.

What’s Ahead for Revival?

The future looks exciting for Revival as can be inferred from its roadmap below.

Especially, Q3, Q4 2021 look stacked with a lot of exciting product launches and service offerings, which include launching a cross-chain bridge with Ethereum and integration with the Metamask and the TokenPocket Wallet.

To keep up with all the developments in the Revival NFT Marketplace, consider following them on Twitter or joining their Telegram group here.

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