Paycent Enables Dash Support For Fiat Conversion and Debit Cards

Cryptocurrencies continue to struggle fraction in the real world. This form of money offers many benefits, but not necessarily tot he average consumer. Paycent has embarked on an interesting mission to bring Dash to more people. This will result in more fiat conversion options, as well as debit card support for the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.

Paycent is a Singaporean platform focusing on managing fiat and cryptocurrencies in the same wallet. Having this company support Dash is a major development for the popular altcoin. Paycent is also a subsidiary of Texcent, a very prominent company in the Asia Pacific region. With Paycent’s focus on cryptocurrencies, it is only normal the firm adds more altcoins. As such, the chocie for Dash seems rather straightforward.

An interesting Choice by Paycent

For Dash, this is a pretty big development overall. Users will be able to convert their cryptocurrency to cash and vice versa. Additionally, Dash will also be supported for the debit card functionality offered by this application. In the long run, this should appeal to more merchants and retailers, although it remains to be seen if that effectively will be the case

Dash Core’s Head of Business Development Bradley Zastrow comments:

“Paycent’s real-time transaction speed and multiplatform API makes this a great opportunity for anyone, regardless of experience with digital assets, to make payments to merchants as well as pay cross-border remittances using their smartphone device. This is the kind of integration that makes cryptocurrency’s payments potential a reality to the global public.”

While it is commendable to see Paycent focus on Dash, it remains to be seen how popular this altcoin really is. Given its recent stumble in terms of pricing and trading volume, users and merchants may not necessarily be too bothered about this offering. This new partnership may bring an EU and US functioning Dash debit card to market in the future. Paycent is seeking approval of money transmitter licenses in both regions. An interesting development to keep an eye on.

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