Monero [XMR] launches Monerujo v1.6.3: ‘Nano S’ update!

On 8th August, Monerujo on their official Twitter handle announced that Ledger Nano S wallet can be used with the latest Monerujo v1.6.3.

Tweet by Monerujo | Source: Twitter

Monerujo is the first open source mobile application capable of managing and using Monero [XMR] wallets. Being a light wallet, it makes use of remote nodes that synchronize with a blockchain and at the same time keep the user’s private information safely on the device.

Some of the major improvements made by the development team are:

  • Ledger Nano S support over OTG
  • NFC Support for Receive & Send (like QR Code)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • New translations: Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Swedish
  • Select App Language
  • Restoreheight can now be entered during Restore as YYYYMMDD as not all numeric keyboards allow hyphens

A Twitterati named Franck Royer, responded to this tweet saying:

“Awesome Job! Well done”

A Redditor named Vespco responded to this update saying:

“The idea that I can plug my Nano S into my phone, scan a payment QR code, and make a transaction from Monerujo that is shared to the monero network by sending to a remote node on the tor network, to protect my privacy, sounds reallycool.”

The Redditor further added saying:

“That makes it super safe, easy, and private. Something darknet users would absolutely love and help Monero a ton. If orbot as a vpn is less then ideal, then the copy and pasting of a signed transaction is a great alternative.”

Over the past few weeks, Monero has been continuously facing a series of mining malware attacks. The attacks range from infecting online gaming platforms to taking over nearly 200,000 routers in Brazil for XMR mining.

XMR’s 1-day chart | Source: Coinmarketcap

At the time of writing, Monero [XMR] is ranked at the 12th position with a current trading price of $98.97 and a market cap of $1.6 billion. It has seen a low price of $95.37 on 9th August but has also seen a spike up to $105.75 in just 3 hours.

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