Liqui MolyAsia Pacific Implements DigiCorp’s DigiThree Next-Level Secured Office Solutions

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific has announced that it will be integrating DigiThree Labs’ enterprise-grade, metaverse-ready blockchain solutions into its processes. Liqui MolyAsia Pacific specializes in the distribution of lubricants, automotive care products, and more.

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific Adopts DigiThree 

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific, a Singapore-headquartered firm specializing in the distribution of oils, lubricants, and additives, has joined forces with DigiThree Labs, the creators of the DigiThree enterprise-grade, metaverse-ready blockchain platform, to enable the former to integrate the DigiThree Labs’ innovative solutions into its processes.

As stated in a blog post by the Liqui Moly Asia Pacific team, Liqui Moly Asia Pacific has entered into a partnership agreement with DigiThree Labs for the subscription of the latter’s cutting-edge blockchain solutions, including peer-to-peer (P2P) Video communications, Ultra Secure Web Browsing, and Quantum-Safe Storage.

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific is one of south east asia’s leading distribution companies for high-quality motor oils and additives and supplies to over 4000 automotive work and repairshops across various countries with Liqui Moly Products. The firm says the integration of DigiThree into its operations completely aligns with the LMAP IT strategy of enhancing its processes using innovative technologies.

Brendan Ang, COO of Liqui Moly Asia Pacific said:

“In the wake of the recent announcement that DigiThree entered the market with their revolutionary, next-level secure solutions, this is a great moment for us to start to implement their unique and forward-facing solutions. It completely aligns with the LMAP IT strategy of smoothening our operations by using cloud services, but with the DigiThree blockchain-based solutions, we will regain 100 percent control of our own data while increasing cyber security to unprecedented levels.

DigiCorp Pioneering the Metaverse Evolution 

At a time when tech giants such as Facebook and others are making serious plans to build their own Metaverse ecosystems, DigiCorp Labs is already occupying the frontline of the Metaverse and Web3.0 movement.

As reported by BTCManager last November, DigiCorp Labs joined forces with its strategic technology partner, ThreeFold, to launch DigiThree, a state-of-the-art solution designed to enable businesses to accelerate and streamline digital transformation, implement highly-secure processes and even build their own Metaverses.

The DigiCorp team has made it clear that the DigiByte-powered DigiThree solution is built on a belief that the businesses of today and tomorrow have the right to carry out vital work in ways that are safe, secure, decentralized, scalable, and ready for the Metaverse. 

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific is among the very first firms to adopt DigiThree. Commenting on the adoption of DigiThree by LMAP, Jozua van der Deijl, CEO of DigiCorp Labs said:

“By adding Liqui Moly Asia Pacific to our group of first customers, we have the acknowledgment and proof that our solutions have a strong market fit.”

At press time, the price of DGB, the native crypto of the DigiByte ecosystem, is trading around $0.03883, according to CoinMarketCap.

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