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IOTA (MIOTA), a distributed ledger technology (DLT) project focused on the Internet of things (IoT), took to Twitter on June 25, 2020, to announce that its much anticipated public Coordicide testnet launch may happen sooner than expected, as the new GoShimmer version v.02.0 is almost done.

IOTA (MIOTA) Coordicide to Go Live this June

Despite getting its fair share of adoption in recent times, the team behind IOTA remains dedicated to building the important updates that’ll take the network to the next level.

In the latest development, the team has taken to Twitter to reveal that all is set for the much talked about Coordicide public testnet launch to go live and as a matter of fact, the public testnet may be launched earlier than expected.

Angelo Capossele, a senior research scientist at the IOTA Foundation tweeted:

For those who are unaware, Coordicide is designed to replace IOTA’s centralized Coordinator node and take the network a step further onwards complete decentralization. 

A First of Its Kind Upgrade 

It’s worthy of note that the Coordicide Tesnet was integrated into the IOTA version 0.1.x. update as an internal alphanet. The update which was released earlier in February came with several features including autopeering, gossip, rate control, and more. 

However, the team has made it clear that the new update will come with more robust features like a new consensus model dubbed the “Parallel Reality-Based Ledger State.”

Also shedding light on the matter, Hans Moog, software developer at the IOTA Foundation tweeted:

This will be the first time that we have most of the building blocks of coordicide in an actual node implementation. There will most probably be minor bugs and things that need to be fixed but from this point on we will not only be able to gather the first real live metrics but we will also be able to have much faster iterations between consecutive versions. So this is a really important milestone on our way to coordicide and I am very much looking forward to introducing a lot of new and exciting concepts plus features in the coming weeks.

In related news, BTCManager informed on June 24, 2020, that Zebra Technologies has integrated IOTA’s Tangle into its processes to foster transparency in its supply chain.

At press time, the price of IOTA’s native MIOTA altcoin is down by 1.71 percent, trading at $0.214993, with a market cap of $597.58 million, as seen on CoinMarketCap.

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