IOHK announced the Beta release of Daedalus on Linux for Cardano [ADA] users

One of the most prominent blockchain development firm, Input Output Hong Kong [IOHK] has announced the beta release of Daedalus on Linux Operating System. The Beta version is currently available for the entire Cardano community.

The team mentioned that the Beta software can be tested with a small amount of ADA by mentioning the existing wallet recovery phrase which was supported on Windows and Mac OS. The Beta version is available for the users who can run the scripts on a terminal. Unlike Windows and Mac OS, the Linux Beta version does not have the feature for fetching updates from the blockchain. However, all the users are advised to install the initial production release manually.

Considering the variety of Linux distributions and customizations, the team is ready to accept feedback from the existing community before the final release of the Linux version. Users can submit the feedback either by choosing the bug icon in Daedalus and selecting the logs. Or they can navigate to the Daedalus support page and click the email support button. All the users are advised to include the phrase Linux Beta on the submission form.

One of the users on Cardano forum commented:

“Installation was perfect on Ubuntu 16.04. Had my server hang up due to some other processes after syncing and generating a new wallet. Rebooted and connected without issue. Daedalus seems much more solid on my Ubuntu system vs my Win 10 laptop, which constantly hangs on connecting to the network. The only solution I have found to this issue in Windows is to delete the db1.0 directory and start from scratch, but this solution always works without fail.”

Pierre a blockchain expert from France commented:

Alleluia. Thanks so much Maki!”

Cardano [ADA] is currently trending at the 7th position and trading at $0.161 with a market capitalization of $4.196 billion. And the volume has increased by 6.99% in past 24 hours as per the data retrieved from Price.ambcrypto.

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