How to Trade Cryptocurrency in Many Cryptocurrency News?


Bexplus does not require KYC, on which you can deposit and trade without submitting ID documents.

No withdrawal limit

You are allowed to withdraw your assets anytime you need them. Namely, you can withdraw your asset even after seconds you put it into Bexplus wallet.

Demo Account

Trade simulation is to traders as a driving license is to drivers, only practice can avoid loss for lack of experience. On Bexplus, 10btc is offered in the demo account, enabling you to practice and test your strategies.

Availability and Accessibility

Services are available and accessible in over 200 countries, including the USA, Iran, Japan, and Korea, and users can enjoy 24X7 customer support.


Bexplus provides users with a 100% bonus for every deposit. It means if you deposit 1btc, you will get 2btc. By analogy, the more you deposit, the more you earn. 

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