First Smart Contract Testnet for Cardano is Live

There is a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the Cardano project. This is despite the lack of any real technology in the form of live products. Things are slowly changing in this regard. The test for the Cardano smart contracts has launched this week.

Smart contracts are a natural extension of blockchain technology. It allows for many different features which will enhance the blockchain they adhere to. In this regard. the KEVM testnet for Cardano heralds a major change as to how the project works. Even though it is still a test net, there are options to explore new ideas and business models.

A Big Step for Cardano

It is also the first example of a third-generation blockchain. The Cardano team is convinced their version of the EVM in the K framework will introduce a lot of positive changes. Any application currently running on the Ethereum Virtual machine should work on KEVM as well. It is also another validator of the smart contracts working correctly.

The Cardano team comments on KEVM as follows:

“For now, we recommend that developers use the Solidity language on the testnet. However, the vision is that eventually smart contracts will be written in high-level languages that translate to IELE, such as new languages like Plutus (being developed by IOHK), but also existing languages such as Java or Python, and then IELE-to-IELE translators ensure the resulting code is optimal.”

This is only the first of multiple smart contract testnets for Cardano. The next iteration is known as IELE. This introduces a brand new virtual machine dedicated to Cardano itself. If all things go according to plan, this new project will launch in July. It is another step forward for the Cardano project as a whole.

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