First Ledger-to-Ledger Monero Mainnet Transaction is Complete

Monero support is finally coming to ledger hardware wallets. Although this feature has been in development for some time now, it seems the release is imminent. In fact, a first XMR transaction between different users has been completed successfully. It is a positive development, albeit there’s still some work to be done.

Monero users will be quite pleased with these current developments. More specifically, Ledger hardware wallet support is pretty significant. Considering how the Nano S is one of the most popular devices in the world, the developers need to support many different currencies. So far, XMR has been rather absent from this list, as it is not an “official” project for the team right now.

A Positive Development for Monero Users

That doesn’t mean no one is working on this integration, though. One Ledger developer has put together working code for Monero integration over the past few months. It took quite some time, though, as he was the only individual working on this integration. Even so, things have been progressing nicely, even though the integration is not fully completed just yet.

That being said, the first Ledger-based XMR transaction has been completed successfully. One user sent a mainnet transaction to another Ledger owner. These transactions were completed with relative ease, as they work just like any other hardware-based transaction. There is no special trickery involved, which is always a positive sign. It is advised not to deal with large-scale mainnet transactions, for the time being.

For now, we don’t know when Monero integration will officially come to the Ledger wallet. It could happen next week, or in a few months from today. With real-life transactions taking place, things are certainly heading in the right direction. With hardware wallet support, Monero will gain more legitimacy as a whole. A very interesting development to keep an eye on moving forward.

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