EOS at $36, Golem [GNT] at $3 by July – Latest prediction by John McAfee

The Main Net is just a few days away and EOS with TRON has been the most talked about cryptocurrencies over the past two weeks. The EOS Main Net is expected to be launched on July 2nd, basically 6 days away and although the community expected a big price jump, the current bearish market has temporarily kept the prices from propelling.

John McAfee who is known for his outrageous prediction of various cryptocurrencies just revealed another short-term price prediction for 5 cryptocurrencies. He has predicted Golem [GNT] to hit $3, Docademic at $2.50, Bezop at $0.84, Bitcoin Private at $200 and EOS at $36 by mid-July.

If his prediction for July comes true then EOS which is currently trading at $12.48 to a token will have to witness a 188% jump by July. Golem [GNT] which is currently far down in the ranking at the 47th position according to market cap and trading at $0.45 will have to see a massive 600% surge in the next two months.

His Twitter account was plagued with his followers asking him about the price prediction of TRX, Stratis and other currencies to which he replied,

“Have not run the numbers. My computing power is limited”

With many accusing him of promoting Bitcoin Private, John sent out a separate message which read,

“People claim that I am being paid by BTCP and others for promotion. Please: I make money from corporations and foundations, not from the people themselves! And I charge corporations a fortune. I have never asked the people – the users – for a dime. Cut me some fucking slack.”

Recently when AMBCrypto interviewed John regarding his price prediction and asked him for clarity on the logic of his predictions he said,

“I made them because they will happen. Absolutely. They always do. If it is algorithmic, no one would seriously expect me to reveal the basis or actual operation of the algorithms”

With the Main Net of Tron [TRX] just 4 days away and EOS just 6 days away, analysts have argued that even the slightest hint of green on the board could trigger a massive upsurge of 20-40% within the next week.


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