Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) Will Integrate Parity as Official LEDU Wallet

Many students and professionals dream of building real products, but not many of them succeed to achieve this goal due to lack of the real skills. Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) is a decentralized learning ecosystem for online education and professional development that has come up with an ambitious plan to disrupt the $306 billion professional development industry using the blockchain.

Unlike the rest of online project learning platforms, Education Ecosystem aims to teach people who have more than basic introductory knowledge how to build complete products in future technological fields including Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Game Development, and Virtual Reality. By now the ecosystem’s content is available either as a live stream, archived or uploaded video and over 1,000,000 users have already signed up for their beta product LiveEdu to seamlessly learn from peers how to develop real projects.

Seeking to expand its prominent reach even further, Education Ecosystem continues to work towards implementation of a robust blockchain technology in order to create the world’s largest decentralized project-learning network. Their next milestone is the integration of an official LEDU wallet. This step is going to allow the entire ecosystem to operate on Education tokens (LEDU). The tokens will be used as payments for all financial transactions in the internal ecosystem, as well as rewards for project creators, learners, site moderators, and API ecosystem developers. The Education Tokens can be bought on and Bibox.

Besides learning incentives, tokens will be actively used for governance, giving users the power to vote on the future of the platform by defining not only what projects are being created, but also the features that the development team implements and what new project topics to support. Following the integration of a dedicated ERC20 wallet, Education tokens will also be utilized in project’s external ecosystem to drive transactions with businesses, schools, libraries, colleges and online education companies.

According to a recent announcement, the development team has chosen Parity as the ideal wallet for this purpose and its integration into the platform will commence soon.

The choice for Parity was made due to it being an open source Ethereum wallet that allows for quick blockchain synchronization.  Parity has already proven to be a user-friendly wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 enthusiasts, so integration into the LiveEdu platform – the first for the Education Ecosystem – will result in many happy users in the ecosystem.

Moreover, Parity also provides fast transaction processing, proof-of-authority consensus engines, privacy and control features, a variety of deployment solutions and the ability to augment features. This wallet integration will help the Education Ecosystem to continue the expansion of their project and aid in the disruption of the professional development industry.

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