BullPerks Announces Decentralized VC Deal with THE HUSL

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BullPerks, an audited community and decentralized venture capital with a multi-chain launching pad, has announced THE HUSL as their latest VC deal. 

BullPerks presents HUSL 

BullPerks mentioned HUSL’s strong attributes through a Telegram post, including their experienced team. THE HUSL is a project that aims to empower creators to connect with their fans globally using blockchain technology. 

The blockchain platform intends to inspire artists to create and distribute their best work by combining music & digital art with decentralized finance (DeFi). Fans will be able to reward their favorite artists by owning music and participating in unique moments in history. 

THE HUSL is building an NFT market that is targeted for musicians and has top advisors in the music industry that includes Busta Rhymes and Yung Bleu. THE HUSL aims to raise 100k BUSD ($100,000) through the sale of HSL tokens to eligible investors.

BullPerks stated that investors willing to participate should register on the BullPerks launchpad. This way they stand a chance to invest in a unique protocol that’s in an advanced stage of development and undervalued with less than $350,000 liquidity. THE HUSL IDO started on July 6 on the BullPerks launchpad. 

Users will be able to buy the token at $0.2 per token, a maximum of 7.5 million tokens will be sold, so a $1.5 million raise is expected. The vesting schedule will be 0% upon token generation and 8.33% percent every month after. 

Multichain-supported BullPerks highlighted the importance of cross-compatibility across various blockchains especially for projects looking to raise funds.

Community Driven Decentralized Launchpad 

BullPerks has caught the attention of the crypto community with its ambition to revamp the traditional launchpad system. It is a community-driven multichain launchpad that seeks to create a level playing field in the industry. 

Members will be able to have similar opportunities like venture capitalists to invest in the early stages of innovative blockchain projects and startups. BullPerks is able to achieve this by building a platform that features a transparent and fair tier system. The launchpad is easy for projects to launch their IDO, and users can easily invest in projects by holding BLP tokens. 

BullPerks recently completed private funding round in May, raising $1.8 million from private investors. The launchpad has also stated that it intends to incorporate other blockchains into its existing ecosystem in the coming months.

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