Big news for Crypterium as Mark O’Brien, Former CEO of Visa joins the network

On May 19th, ‘Business Insider’ NL reported that Ireland and the former head of Visa in the United Kingdom, Marc O’Brien who worked for Visa starting back in 2008 has joined the world’s first cryptocurrency bank ‘Crypterium’.

The CEO of Crypterium believes in the idea that cryptocurrency is a more difficult form of payment as it takes a lot of time to go into a normal bank account, whereas Crypterium will make the process much more consumer-friendly by allowing more efficiency so that users can pay for everyday items more easily.

The CEO of Crypterium announced today:

The company was established in Estonia in 2017, raising a minimum of $52 through an Initial Coin Offering [ICO] and is expected to focus on developing technology to launch their crypto payment cards by partnering with MasterCard or Visa in order to launch its first products soon, as per reported to Business Insider.

The Crypterium App has Litecoin and other crypto solutions that are soon to be applied. O’Brien did not reveal the company secrets; however, he mentioned that it is surrounded with great protection. The website is also re-designed with facelit as its new feature.

One Twitter enthusiast commented:

The Crypterium solutions will be applied for use only when CRPT is used for transactions. So, every time someone makes a transaction, a fee valued at 0.5%, will be taken from the CRPT holder’s account, reducing the number of CRPT tokens available.

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